An Intro from Agent Smith and The Watch. is the latest, greatest source for new and exciting Android, and Galaxy Gear apps. We didn't want to leave a bare under-construction page up while we were making this site, so please forgive the barren nature of our current setup. The page will be improving in the coming weeks.

A new player in the Voice Assistant battle.

Behold, Agent Smith. Smith is most useful as a weatherman and sportscaster. It will do updates for every NFL and MLB team. Give general sports news for: Baseball, Football, Basketball, golf, boxing, and the UFC. It has entertainment news covered, hitting Dear Abby, Dear Prudence, TMZ, and the National Enquirer. Like jokes? Smith does. Riddles, limericks, word of the day, random facts, quotes, songs, stories, magic tricks... Some times it seems like Smith can do it all. Our goal is to get it there.

A Smart Home Helps Make Christmas Even More Fun.

Seeing as we've outfitted Starship BaconNation with a plethora of smart lights and outlets, it was only fitting that we kicked the Christmas Experience factor to 11.

A fun little side project: TBN Pokedex and PokeBattle

We are not a group of artist designers. With that being the case, the artsy-fartsy stuff we really struggle on. Thankfully, the need for crafty crap doesn't come up much. Still, we recognize the need to improve in this area, so we have a project we occasionally throw a few minutes at in the hope our ability to create artsy stuff improves. This is TheBaconNation- Pokedex and PokeBattle scene apps.

TheBaconNation stops endorsing Galaxy Gear Watches.

TheBaconNation's prized and customized Galaxy Gear watches are no more. Sadly, we can no longer endorse the product. Our trio of watches all died with the same failure after roughly the same period of usage, which leads us to believe this is not an isolated incident. We've now moved onto other more open endevors. AndroidWear is our current smartwatch playground.

This is an AmazingR4b Production.