An Intro from Agent Smith and The Watch. is the latest, greatest source for new and exciting Android, and Galaxy Gear apps. We didn't want to leave a bare under-construction page up while we were making this site, so please forgive the barren nature of our current setup. The page will be improving in the coming weeks.

Breaking News!!!

If you are a member of the Agent Smith Google+ Community, you can download a beta test version of Agent Smith from the Google Play Store. Our store page is Here!

A new player in the Voice Assistant battle.

Behold, Agent Smith. Smith is most useful as a weatherman and sportscaster. It will do updates for every NFL and MLB team. Give general sports news for: Baseball, Football, Basketball, golf, boxing, and the UFC. It has entertainment news covered, hitting Dear Abby, Dear Prudence, TMZ, and the National Enquirer. Like jokes? Smith does. Riddles, limericks, word of the day, random facts, quotes, songs, stories, magic tricks... Some times it seems like Smith can do it all. Our goal is to get it there.

A New Smartwatch Creation

We have a new creation in our Galaxy Gear line of Smart Watch apps. We really don't want to say this is an app that will only work with the Galaxy Gear/Gear Watch line of products, as we suspect it will work with any other smart watch that leeches off your phone or tables notification services. This is unproven, as of yet, though we hope to test it or have someone with the necessary hardware test it for us.

Trial Version Now Available in the Play Store

A View of the MCP Control Panel

Introducing a hoard of fine Galaxy Gear apps.

TheBaconNation Galaxy Gear apps are creations born out of the frustation at finding no useful apps out there from the Samsung App store. They are desiged to do things like get real time wheather without constantly pinging your GPS, update watch faces, get the news, gets posts from reddit, TV/Movie/PC remote... Pretty much anything we can thing of thats useful, we try and find a way to make it work on the watch. Look for many more videos in the future.

The Galaxy Gear Custom ROM vs Stock ROM.

Some of the many customizations created.

This is an AmazingR4b Production.