What is TheBaconNation?

TheBaconNation is a crew that gets together to review firearms and ammunition, and create Corgi videos. Firearms chambered in 380acp are our primary focus, but we regularly venture into the relms of other calibers. The Corgi Brothers Finn and Fred make regular appearances in videos in the non-range segments to help add a little fun to an otherwise serious topic. We hope you join us for some informative videos that sprinkle in a little bit of fun along the way.

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Recent Uploads

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Sig Elite Defense 380acp - Nickle Plated Brass vs Brass - Velocity Comparison Test

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380 Price Performance Index, Episode 3: Beretta 80x Cheetah

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Ruger Security 380 Lite Rack - 1000 Round Review

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380 Price Performance Index, Episode 2

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Most Underappreciated 380, Episode 3


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Reocurring Series

The 380 Comparison Series

Our long running comparison series where we compare various firearms chambered in 380acp against each other.

The 380 Ammo Comparison Series

Our long running comparison series where we compare various ammo chambered in 380acp against one and other. We also mix in some comparisons against other common ammos of other calibers from time to time to see how 380acp performs against something else... for science.

First Range Reports

A video series where we detail our experiece after our first range trip with a firearm. The first trip doesn't determine where a firearm ends up in the rankings, but it certainly sets the stage.

500/1000 Round Reviews

In this series we detail how a firearm has performed after 500 or 1000 rounds, usually 1000+, but depends on firearm and caliber.

Ballistics Gel Tests

In this series we show how some popular ammo has performed against 10% FBI grade ballistics gel.

Most Underappreciated 380 Series

In this series we examine various firearms chambered in 380acp and ask ourselves is the firearm underapprecaited today? Between overlooked features to otherworldly performance, we try and and help you find that hidden gem you've been looking for.

380 Price Performance Index

The 380 Price Performance Index series is a set of videos where we examine a 380 firearm, ammo, accessory, something, and ask ourselves 'Does the peformance match the price?' We try and determine if something punches above, below, or at its weight class as far as price is concerned, hopefully helping you better spend your hard earned benjamins.

Don't worry! While Fred appears in the talking parts of some videos, his big ears and tiny legs are not present for the range portions of the videos. He's usually laying on an AC vent stealing cold air while we're filming the range segments.

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