For a little bit of extra fun, play a round of bingo during a Walking with Fred livestream, or any of our long format videos. If you get a winner, post a comment with picture to the video for a taste a glory!

Square Color:

Your BaconNation Bingo Card is:

Fred 3+ BiscuitsCat Being Walked'Ah Ah Ah!'Short Legs Joke'Give em the Grrr Woofity!'
'Big Badunkadunker' commentDucks on Stairs'Upsee-dahzee'Nothingburger Ramble StoryFish Jump
'Stay Out of Tick City!''What the French Toast!'FREEBEE!!!!Animal in StollerBird Divebombing Drone
Big Ears Joke'Double Whammy!''Your People Want to See You!'Fred Mooches Stranger PetsWildlife Spotted!
Child on LeashFred + Pup-Cup Mentioned'You can give them ONE big bark'Fly Defense Mechinism'That's just me.'