Football Gamelog Script


This script will provide a starting point for something you can use to react to a Touchdown, Field Goal, or Safety in a football game. Consider this a WIP. I'll be adding in the ability to specify home and away team, among other things.

To use this script you need Python.

Once you have Python installed, make sure you have the following libraries:


If you want to integrate the Hue lights like I did in my sample video, you will also need Phue. For the basics on using Phue, see our Phue basic intro page.

How I use this style script:

Code Example:

How to use the script:

python ""

Replace the link above with the link to the game you want to monitor.(Only works for games from the same source as the example above)
You can start the script before the game starts, or at any point during the game. If started before the game has started it will return a message stating that, until the game starts. The script will run until the game ends, unless you stop it manually.
You can stop the script by pressing "ctrl + c" on your keyboard.

Get a text file of the Football script here!

Get a text file of the Hockey script here!

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