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THIS JUST IN: the Tasker Hue Lights Movie Quote Scene Page

The Movie Quote Hue Scene page will showcase scenes inspired by, and created using some classic scenes from movie and TV history.

The Tasker Home Automation Series

Our Tasker Home Automation Series has one simple goal: to help automate your life with the help of awesome resources like Tasker. Tasker is going to provide a backbone for us to use and build upon to automate actions on your phone, tablet or even with one's own smarthome. The potential is grand. We hope you enjoy the journey we are about to take you on.

TBN Home Automation, Vol 1:

TBN Home Automation, Volume 1 is our intro video in the series. This video will provide a small demonstration of the automation you too will soon be able to do. We then walk you through setting up an AutoVoice profile, and the main task and first action of your own setup.

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TBN Home Automation, Vol 2:

Volume 2 of our Home Automation covers an extremely useful application- AutoRemote, and what I think of as Tasker on a PC- EventGhost. We are going to cover how to use AutoRemote to send a message to a PC, and how to use EventGhost to message respond. This should give you a jump off point for all sorts of ideas, ranging from getting general status information from your devices, to a where you at type action. There potential uses for Tasker, EventGhost, and AutoRemote are grand, to say the least.

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TBN Home Automation, Vol 3:

Volume 3 of our Home Automation series covers an easy way to make use of the AutoHue and AutoNotificaion plugins to create visual notifications based on text messages received. We also cover how to get an ondemand reply of who sent the last message, as well as what the body of the message is.

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TBN Home Automation, A Potential 4a:

Volume 4 part 1 may cover the beginnings of how a media server can be automated, and how Tasker can be used to help accomplish this goal.

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TBN Home Automation, Vol 5: Python and Phue

Ever wanted to do more than what the basic Philips app can do with your Hue lights, and find that the apps that currently exist don't quite suit your needs? We'll you're in luck. While the Philips app is not the best, their API is easy to work with. We like Python and Phue for this.

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TBN Home Automation, Vol 6: Football Score Alerts!

Got a set of smart lights and now you want a better way to have them react when your favorite team, or even any team, scores? This script will get you started on that adventure.

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