Hue Light Movie Quotes


Tasker Home Automation- Hue Lights and Movie/TV Quotes

Being a fan of movie quotes, it was only natural after getting a set of Hue lights that I would eventually combine the two. This page will serve as the main page to showcase the scenes I've created that are synced to some of my favorite movie and TV Show quotes.

Jaws- "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

Three Amigos!- A custom sunset scene synced to "Blue Shadows"

Bandit's Lights set to a great quote from "Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers"

"The First Rule of Flying" quote from "Serenity"

"I Brought your a Gift" quote from "Labyrinth"

"Into the Light" quote from "Constantine"

"I Am a Leaf on the Wind" quote from "Serenity""

"Grid is Live" quote from "Tron""

"Maddness is like...." quote from "The Dark Knight""

"What is your Profession?" quote from "300""