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Tasker Home Automation, Volume 3

In volume three of our Home Automation series, we're going to going to show you how to take advantage of your smart lights to get a visual notification upon receiving a text message. You will need the following for your Hue lights: AutoHue. To react based on cancelling notification, I recommend also having AutoNotification.Now, let's get started:

How to configure the text message alert:

Start with your basic Text Message received event in Tasker. I recommend using an anonymous task when asked for the task to trigger.

Using the AutoHue plugin, pick the desired lights, as well as brightness and color.

The Say action can be used to receive a spoken alert. You can also use the notification action, or any number of other actions here. Don't be afraid to be creative.

Here is how I laid out my light alert task:

The Who Said and What They Said Tasks:

The tasks for the responses to who texted, and the body of their message are almost identical. You can of course change what is said as filler. Tasker has Global Variables for the senders name, as well as the body of the message, among other things.

The Say Action:

Don't forget about that Main Task

Don't forget to add the task for who sent the text and what they said to that main task we started way back inVolume 1.

Regarding the Reset:

An easy way to reset the lights once you have addressed the text message is to clear the notification. You already have to clear it as it. I like to react based off that. Using the AutoNotification plugin, we can react based on clearing the notificaion, and reset our lights to a more normal setting. If you want to get tricky, you can add additional variables and conditions to reset them to their exact previous condition. I do not care that much. Some do.