TBN-Plex CLI Command List

CommandCommand DescriptionUsage ExampleOptional Arguments
stopvideoStops videostopvideo-c 'clientname' - stop video on specific client
getwcstatus Get Wild Card Statusgetwcstatus
setwcstatus Turn Wild Card Injection On/Offsetwcstatus on|off
getwcshow Gets Current Wild Card Showgetwcshow
setwcshow Set Wild Card Showsetwcshow "The Big Bang Theory"
replacewildcard Set Next Wild Card Show(to replace Wild Card when finished)replacewildcard "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
viewschedules View Scheduled Itemsviewschedules -d today-d 'day' - filter by day, -a 'action' - filter by action, -t 'time' - filter by time
removeschedule Remove a Secheduled Itemremoveschedule "12:00 PM" today
clearschedule Clear All Scheduled Itemsclearschedule
skipahead Skips ahead in the current program(default = +30s)skipahead 42mXm - ahead X minutes, Xs - ahead, negative values supported ex: -15m
queueget Show TBN-Plex Queuequeuget
setupnext Set Next Item in TBN-Plex Queuesetupnext Tremors
nowplaying What is currently playingnowplaying-c 'clientname' - show what is playing on clientname
whereat Where at in current programwhereat-c 'clientname' - get whereat for what is playing on clientname
changeclient Change Current Clientchangeclient RasPlex
listclients List Available Clientslistclients
changeserver Change Current Serverchangeserver
addblock Create A New TBN-Plex Content Blockaddblock monday_block "Perfect Strangers"
addtoblock Add to an Existing TBN-Plex Content Blockaddtoblock monday_block "Two and a Half Men"
removeblock Remove a TBN-Plex Content Blockremoveblock monday_block
removefromblock Remove an item from a TBN-Plex Content Blockremovefromblock monday_block "perfect strangers"
reorderblock Reorder a TBN-Plex Content Blockreorderblock monday_block
replaceinblock Specify show X to replace show Y in a block.replaceinblock monday_block "two guys and a girl" "two and a half men"
listblocks List avaiable TBN-Plex content blockslistblocks
explainblock Explain the specified blockexplainblock 'monday_block'
restartblock Restart specified block from item 1restartblock monday_block
queueadd Add an item to the TBN-Plex queuequeueadd "movie.Westworld"
getnextep Get next episode from specified showgetnextep "becker"
getprintmode Get Printmode statusgetprintmode
setprintmode Set Printmode statussetprintmode on|off|debug
getrandstart Get Random Start Statusgetrandstart
setrandstart Set Random Start Statussetrandstart on|off
whatupnext What is up next.whatupnext
skipthat Skip what is up next(does not affect now playing item)skipthat-w - skips now playing item(scrobble.)
getplaymode Get TBN-Plex playmodegetplaymode
setplaymode Set TBN-Plex playmodesetplaymode 'block.blockname' | normal | mtv | 'marathon.showname' | movietime | showtime
getlogstatus Get TBN-Plex logging statusgetlogstatus
setlogstatus Set TBN-Plex Logging Statussetlogstatus on | off
titlecheck Check a title for existence.titlecheck 'tremors'
playme Play an itemplayme "the big bang theory"-c 'clientname' - play on specific client, -A - use alternate server(must be saved first)
playspshow Play episode x from season y from show specifiedplayspshow "psych" 1 1
setnextep Set next to play as episode x from season y to play from show setnextep "lethal weapon" 3 1
pausevideo Pause current videopausevide-c 'clientname' - pause on client clientname
listshows List available TV showslistshows
listmovies List available Movieslistmovies
suggestmovie Get a Movie Suggestionsuggestmovie (genre) | rated.(rating) | "actor.actorname"genre, rated and actor are optional. When favoritesmode is on suggestions are limited to favorites.
suggesttv Get a TV Suggestionsuggesttvgenre is an optional argument. When favoritesmode is on suggestions are limited to favorites.
startnextprogram Start Next Program.(scrobble dependant)startnextprogram
addaltserver Add an alternate server for failover actionaddaltserver
getaltstatus Get Alternate Server Statusgetaltstatus
setaltstatus Set Active Serversetaltstaus disabled | off | ondisabled = no failover, off = using primary, on = using alternate
version Get TBN-Plex versionversion
statuscheck TBN-Plex status infostatuscheck
musiccheck Get Music Client. Sets if not set.musiccheck
setmusicclient Set Music Clientsetmusicclient GamePC
playmusic Play music item on the music client.playmusic "willie nelson"
playplaylist Play music playlist on the music clientplayplaylist "half nelson"
blocktoplist Convert a block to a plex playlist named "TBNqueue"blocktoplaylist monday_block
dualclientplay Play content on your primary and dual client.(need to have a dual client saved)dualclientplay "tremors"
getdcclient Show Dual Clientgetdcclient
getdcmode Get Dual Client Modegetdcmode
setdcmode Set Dual Client Modesetdcmode on | off
syncdcvid Sync Dual Cliand Videosyncdcvid
setdcoffset Set Dual Client Offsetsetdcoffset msval
getdcoffset Get Dual Client Offsetgetdcoffset
dualstop Dual Client Stopdualstop
resumestatus Get Resume Status Value(resume programs from where you last left off)resumestatus
setresumestatus Set Resume Statussetresumestatus on | off
getcurrentuser Get Current TBN-Plex usergetcurrentuser
setcurrentuser Set Current TBN-Plex usersetcurrentuserWill be asked to choose if no user specified.
getdefaultuser Get Default TBN-Plex user(when no user specified)getdefaultuser
setdefaultuser Set Default TBN-Plex usersetdefaultuser userWill be asked to choose if no user specified.
getusers Show Available TBN-Plex Usersgetusers
adduser Add a TBN-Plex useradduser blah
removeuser Remove a TBN-Plex userremoveuser blah
setdualclient Set Dual Clientsetdualclient RasPlex
getwhstatus Get Webhook(AlertListener) Statusgetwhstatus
setwhstatus Set Webhook(AlertListener) Statussetwhstatus on | off
mutevideo Mute Videomutevideo-c "clientname" - mute on client clientname
unmutevideo UnMute Videounmutevideo-c "clientname" - unmute on client clientname
setearlyskip Set Early Skip(scrobble on play)setearlyskip on | off | nowebhook
getearlyskip Get Early Skip Value(scrobble on play)
addcustomtitle Add a custom title for a itemaddcustomtitle "ghostbusters (2016)" "ghostbusters 3"
verifytitle Check a titleverifytitle termors
getoriginaltitle Get Original Title for Custom Titlegetoriginaltitle "ghostbusters 3"
getblocks List Available Blocksgetblocks
setfavoritemode Set Favorites Mode(restrict selections/recommendataions to favorites)setfavoritemode on | off
getfavoritemode Get Favorites Mode Statusgetfavoritesmode
getfavorites Get Favorite Shows or Moviesgetfavorites show | movies
suggestblock Suggest a custom TBN-Plex content blocksuggestblock
setblockrandom Set Random Block Injection Statussetblockrandom on | off
getblockrandom Get Random Block Injection Statusgetblockrandom
showdetails Get Details for a Showshowdetails "eureka"
moviedetails Get Details for a Moviemoviedetails "tron"
generatefavorites Generate Favorites(based on play count)generatefavorites
findtitle Find title based on partial titlefindtitle "two towers"
setlightstatus Set WebHook Hue Light Reaction Statussetlightstatus on | off
getlightstatus Get WebHook Hue Light Reaction Statusgetlightstatus
whoplayed Who Played X in Movie Ywhoplayed val tremors
whodidplay Who Did X Play In Movie Ywhodidplay "kevin bacon" tremors
listcharacters List Characters in a Movielistcharacters tremors
getlikemovie Get Movie Similar Togetlikemovie "tron"
addlightclient Add a WH Reaction Light Clientaddlightclient RasPlex "Desk Lights"
removelightclient Remove a WH Reacion Light Clientremovelightclient RasPlex
getlightclients Show Saved Light Clientsgetlightclient
addfavorite Add item to Favorites Listaddfavorite tremors
seriesskipahead Advance Show Series Progressseriesskipahead Psych
getwhautostart Get WH Auto Start Statusgetwhautostart
setwhautostart Set WH Auto Start Statussetwhautostart on | off
abouttext Show TBN-Plex About Textabouttext
listcommands Show (incomplete) TBN-Plex command listlistcommands
getrecentlyadded List Recently Added Itemsgetrecentlyadded
setshowrecentlyadded Show Recently Added in Status Commandsetshowrecentlyadded on | off
getrecentdays Recently Added Number of Days Look Backgetrecentdays
setrecentdays Set Recently Added Number of Days Look Backsestrecentdays 7
getvolume Get Client Volume Setting(Not All Clients May Support)getvolume-c "clientname" - get volume for client clientname
setvolume Set Client Volume(Not All Clients May Support)setvolume 100-c "clientname" - get volume for client clientname
getmostplayed Get Most Played Titlesgetmostplayed-A - list from alternate server(if saved)
setshowexplainblock Set Explain Block in Status Valuesetshowexplainblock on | off
setshowabout Set Show About Text in Status Valuesetshowabout on | off
setshowwhereat Set Show Where At in Status Valuesetshowwhereat on | off
setshowwebhookactions Set Show Webhook Actions In Status Valuesetshowwebhookactions on | off
setshowhuestats Set Show Hue Status in Status Valuesetshowhuestats on | off
channelup Channel Up (TBN-Plex Channel)channelup
channeldown Channel Down (TBN-Plex Channel)channeldown
listchannels List Available TBN-Plex Channelslistchannels
currentchannel Get Current TBN-Plex Channel(If Tuned to)currentchannel
getchannels Create TBN-Plex Channels based on available studiosgetchannels
generatechannels Populates Channels with Showsgeneratechannels
getunchannel Get Up Next From TBN-Plex Channelgetunchannel fox
advancechannel Advance TBN-Plex Channel Progressadvancechannel fox
setprerollinj Set Preroll Injection Statussetprerollinj on | off
getprerollinj Get Preroll Injection Statusgetprerollinj
setprerolltype Associate preroll with genresetprerolltype
getautoskip Get Auto-Skip Status for Titlegetautoskip "My Name Is Earl"
addautoskip Add Auto-Skip time for Titleaddautoskip "My Name Is Earl" 28
getautoskipstatus Get Auto Skip Status(intro skipping on/off)getautoskipstatus
setautoskipstatus Set Auto Skip Status (intro skipping)setautoskipstatus on | off
prevsuggestion Show Previous Suggested Itemprevsuggestion
commercialbreak Interrupt current playing item with a Commercial Break(Needs "Commercials" library with content in it)commercialbreak
hitok Hit "ok" on client menuhitok
updatehelp Update Help Tableupdatehelp
moviesummary Get Movie Summarymoviesummary tron
showsummary Get Show Summaryshowsummary Psych
getcomminj Get Commercial Injection Statusgetcomminj
setcomminj Set Commercial Injection Status(needs "Commercials" library to use)setcomminj off | on
addschedule Add Command to Scheduleaddschedule "setplaymode monday_block" "5:00 pm" "monday"
getpreflanguage Get Preferred Audio Languagegetpreflanguage
setpreflanguage Set Preferred Audo Languagesetpreflaunguage english
subtitleon Subtitle On on Clientsubtitleon
subtitleoff Subtitle Off on Clientsubtitleoff
getautosubtitle Get Auto-Subtitle Status(if preflanguage != media language)getautosubtitle
setautosubtitle Set Auto-Subtitle Stuats (subtitles if preflanguage != media language)setautosubtitle on | off
getaudiostream Get Current Audio Streamgetaudiostream
setreactionmode Set Playback Reaction Mode Type(webhook|alertlistener)setreactionmode WEBHOOK | ALERT
getreactionmode Get Playback Reaction Mode Typegetreactionmode
startlisteningprocess Shorcut to Start Listening Processstartlisteningprocess
setvctrigger Set Always-Listening Trigger Wordsetvctrigger "computer"
getvctrigger Show the Always-Listening Trigger Wordgetvctrigger
populateshows Populate Shows Tablepopulateshows
populatemovies Populate Movies Tablepopulatemovies
getrecommended Show Recommended Titlesgetrecommended
poopulaterecommended Populate Recommended Titlespopulaterecommended
restartcurrentprogram Restart Current Programrestartcurrentprogram
setcbcnt Set Commercial Break Countsetcbcnt 2
getcbcnt Show Commercial Break Countgetcbcnt
generatechannel Populate Shows for TBN-Plex Channelgeneratechannel fox
getchanneldetails Get TBN-Plex Channel Details
getchannels Get TBN-Plex Channelsgetchannels
currentchannel Show Tuned-to TBN-Plex Channelcurrentchannel
watch Watch Specific TBN-Plex Channelwatch Fox
triviahint Get a Hit for the TBN-Plex trivia itemtriviahint
answertrivia Answer the Trivia Questionanswertrivia tremors
cleartrivia Clear Current Trivia Questioncleartrivia
setwolframid Set Wolfram API Keysetwolframid blah
setvoicelight Set Voice Light that reacts to Always Listening Modesetvoicelight "desk ls"
getvoicelight Show Voice Light that reacts to Always Listening Modegetvoicelight
numberofchannels List Number of TBN-Plex Channelsnumberofchannels
setshowsection Set TV Show Librarysetshowsection
setmoviesection Set Movie Librarysetmoviesection
setplextoken Set Plex Token(authentication method 2)setplextoken blah
getplextokenShow Saved Plex Tokengetplextoken

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