TBN-Plex v5

What is TBN-Plex?

Put simply, TBN-Plex is a set of Python scripts that work together to help someone automate their Plex viewing experience. Think of how TV is at the basic level- you turn it on and something is playing. That is the heart of TBN-Plex that everything else is built upon.

So what does TBN-Plex really do? When playchecking is enabled, TBN-Plex will ask your client to play content when nothing is playing. When you do not pick, like say when your queue is exhausted, instead of stopping TBN-Plex takes over and automatically picks content until you do, either manually or via a scheduled job.

That sounds a lot like a playlist, or event a smart playlist. What Gives?... Yes, at the base, basic level this does sound a lot like a playlist, or just hitting play all and letting Plex shuffle your library. What sets TBN-Plex apart, and above, the playlist and playall options are the vast array of options at your disposal.

Some of the Many Features:

  • Custom Play Queue
  • Block Packages
  • 150+ Custom CLI Commands
  • Smart Schedule Mechanism
  • Primary/Backup Failover Server Support
  • Multiple, simultaneous TBN-Plex User Support
  • Dual Client Support
  • Smart Progress Management
  • Easy Hue Integration
  • Discord Integration
  • Easy Voice Commands
  • Pseudo TV Stations Automatically Created Using the Content from your TV Library
  • Easy Prerolls, including options for prerolls before TV Shows
  • Plex trivia from content in your library.
  • And Much Much More!

There are over 200 different actions one has at their disposal when using TBN-Plex. Everything from skipahead/skipback to suggesting movies and bringing back Music Television. TBN-Plex can do or help you do almost anything you can imagine.


Block Packages

Block Packages are blocks of content. Think of how a TV Station will schedule a set of shows to play together, and that block of content plays on a certain schedule. That is the idea behind block packages. Using TBN-Plex you can create blocks to emulate that. For example, let's say you created the "Monday_Block," and it plays Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, and Perfect Strangers. When the "Monday_Block" is played it plays the next episodes from those shows, and then moves on to whatever is next. Using our robust schedule mechanism, these user created blocks can be scheduled to play at specific times, just like you'd experience when watching live TV. And much like TV sometimes includes movies, those too can be included in blocks. Specific titles, or even random genre based like "random action movie." Finish off that Friday block right with a random 80's movie!

The Schedule Mechanism

Speaking of our robust schedule mechanism, any action available in TBN-Plex OR TBN-Hue can be scheduled. Want the hue lights on at 5:30am and the next episode of Judge Judy to play while you brush your teeth? TBN-Plex can help make that happen.

Pseudo-TV Channels

One of the more recent additions are TBN-Plex Channels. Using your TV Show Library, TBN-Plex will create "Channels" based on the studios you have content from, and populate those channels with shows. One can "Tune-In" to these created channels and watch them just as you would a TV station. To further emulate the classic TV experience, one can channel up/down and change channels by name or number. There's even a simple guide if you want the 1990's experience.


When used along with "Resume Status," you get the best fake TV experience exposure can buy. With resume status on, when you return to a previously watched channel the content resumes right from where you left off. No more having to watch from the beginning, unless you want to, of course. If you have a "Commercials" library, TBN-Plex can(off by default because commercials suck) even inject commercials inbetween your programs.
The function to populate channels is currently a WIP. Feel free to suggest ways to improve it in the Discord Chat.

Sample Videos

How To Get TBN-Plex v5

TBN-Plex is occasionally available in the Discord channel, though the download link is currently unavailable while we occasionally work on the new webui. We will make it available from time to time in the Discord channel by invite, but not upon request.

I Need Help!

Like all things paid for in exposure, support for TBN-Plex issues is done on an as available and time permits basis, and is done in the Discord channel. If you need help be prepared to supply the error message or output from the terminal, and to answer some questions on how you got there. Active participation on your issue is key. The bots only respond to a handful of specific commands, and are shit at troubleshooting. Remember, you get what you pay for. Keep things short, sweet, and to the point. We will ask direct questions. Provide direct answers. If you don't know how to get what we ask for, don't be afraid to ask "how do I get that". You might need to set printmode to debug mode, for example.

I Want This Feature!!!

Feel free to toss out feature ideas in the Discord Channel. Be warned, however, that if we have no interest in the idea it is unlikely to happen, unless you are prepared to donated Millions and Millions of US Dollars to the cause well in advance or can code it yourself.


TBN-Plex v5 is free for personal use. If you feel the desire to contribute funds, please help Our Friends at Children's Hospital of Orange County. Invest in our most precious resource. NOTE: TBN-Plex v5 and TheBaconNation are neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by CHOC. We just think they work magic and their efforts are worth supporting.

Known Limitations

This is a TBN Production.
TBN-Plex is neither endorsed by, nor affiliated with Plex.tv