TBN-Plex Voice Command List

Command DescriptionUsage ExampleOptional Arguments
List Available ClientsList Clients
Pause PlaybackPause Playback
Un-Pause PlaybackResume Playback
Set Item to Play Up Nextset up next movie tremors | set up next deadwoodadd "movie" before a movie title. for show just say the show name
Add Item to Play Queueadd to queue movie the quick and the dead | add to queue eurekaadd "movie" before a movie title. for show just say the show name
Who Played X in Show|Movie YWho played x in the show|movie
Who did Person X Play in the Show|movie YWho did X play in the show|movie Y
Who Directed the show|movie Xwho directed the show|movie X
Get a trivia questiontrivia question
Get a similar moviefind a movie similar to tremors
get a similar showfind a show similar to deadwood
get movie taglinemovie tagline tremors
Get Movie Ratingmovie rating tremors
What has (actor) been inwhat has sam jackson been inadd "and don't limit the results" to get all items if in more than 10
What has (actor) been in(alternate)list what sam jackson been inadd "and don't limit the results" to get all items if in more than 10
Get Episode DetailsEpisode details psych season one episode one
Skip Up Next Itemskip that
Skip ahead/back x amount of time skip ahead|back x minutes|seconds
Get Now Playing Titlewhat's on tv
Get What is playing on client xWhat's playing on Rasplex
Get Up Next Titlewhat up next
Get After That(after up next)what's after that
Get Play Modeid play mode | identify play mode
Restart TBN-Plex Content Blockrestart block
Restart Current ProgramRestart current program
List Available TBN-Plex Content Blockslist blocks
Set TBN-Plex Playmodeset play mode monday_block
Start Play Checkingplay check start
Stop Play Checkingplay check stop
Start Next Programstart next program
Start a Commercial BreakI need a commercial break
Open TBN-Plex UIopen ui
Stop Playback(video)stop playback | stop video
Hit OK Client UIhit ok
Check Resume Statuscheck resume status
Set Resume Status set resume status on | off
Where at in current programWhere at
Play Suggested Contentplay that now | play suggestion
Play specific moviewatch movie tremorsadd "from the beginning" to start from the beginning if resume status is on
Play a TV show marathon for show xbinge watch psych | play a almost human marathonadd "and start that now" to start the marathon now instead of when the current program ends
Play random episode from show xplay something random from the show eureka | play a random episode from the show eureka
Enable Light EffectsEnable light effects
Disable Light EffetcsDisable light effects
Play music on the music clientplay music willie nelson
Play playlist on music clientplay playlist half nelson
Get Movie Detailsmovie details the quick and the dead
Get Show Detailsshow details the big bang theory
Get Episode Detailsepisode details deadwood season one episode one
Tune to specific TBN-Plex Channelwatch tv fox
Add Suggestion to TBN-Plex Play Queueadd suggestion
Change Clientchange client
Change Serverchange server
Suggest a moviesuggest movie | suggest a (genre) movie | suggest a movie starring (actor) | suggest a movie rated (rating)
Suggest a TV Showsuggest tv | suggest a (genre) show
Explain TBN-Plex Content BlockExplain block monday underscore block
Get TBN-Plex play queuewhat is in the queue
Mute Audiomute audio
Un-Mute Audiounmute audio
Set Subtitle Settingsubtitle on | off
Check Titletitle check tremors
Get Current Timewhat time is it
Look Up Something From Wikipediawiki look up deadpool
Look Up Something using Wolfram(needs wolframe api key)tell me about the weather in death valleyuse "search results (type)" to work through results
Do Math(needs wolframe api key)do math insert spoken math here

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